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Aren’t they similar?..

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After listeners commented that he sounded like he really enjoyed eating his cup noodles in a housou, Soraru said that eats more enjoyably other times though. He also commented that if you’re eating out with someone and they don’t seem to be enjoying the food, it’s not fun.

Which led to him imitating Mafumafu .. who basically seems to really enjoy everything he eats, no matter what it is. I thought Soraru’s impression of Mafu was really good, since that’s seriously how he sounds like when he gets excited www

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mafumafus сказал(а): hii!! thanks so much for following me!! ^ 7 ^

You are welcome! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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this young man is ruining my life


this young man is ruining my life

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Sneak peek for Mekakucity Actors Episode 4, 「Kagerou Days」!

Following Kisaragi Momo’s turmoil, Hibiya has just finished his shopping. He bought a gift that would appeal to Hiyori. In high spirits, Hibiya presented the gift to Hiyori, but was told that she doesn’t need it, and left. As the two decided to spend some time, there came with a strange boy who calls himself “Konoha”.


Mafumafu: I have a thin voice, right?! But, you know, when I sing in a high pitch, there are comments that say “fat”, and that’s really hard for me…

Then, Urata appeared in the comments, writing “Mafumafu, have you gained weight?” and Mafumafu said that he was not following Urata on twitter because he called him fat www

Urata: I never said that ww

Mafumafu: I won’t forgive you, how dare you call me fat!

Then, Urata apologized while he was chatting with him on Skype, he wrote: Sorry, sorry, sorry. Mafumafu, forgive me, I’m really sorry. Come on, forgive me. Sorry ☆

Mafumafu: … what should I do? Do you guys know if it is possible to block someone on Skype? I’m really angry…

Urata: Oi, stop it—

Random comment: Why are you going to block him? 

Mafumafu: BECAUSE HE CALLED ME FAT!! No one has ever called me fat! Never in my life! No, no, just no…!